LMR is Expanding

LMR is expanding

In the current climate with the downturn in the UK and World economy it is important that LMR, as a company, is easily visible and its products and capacity are easily recognised. To this aim, in the Summer of 2009, we appointed new consultants in our IT and website services. The new IT consultants have brought us increased efficiencies and the website consultants have brought clients to us that had never previously had the opportunity to experience the high quality and expertise in what we do.

The combination of IT and website changes has significantly contributed to many more opportunities being gained in both the home and export markets.

Orders from the home market have been received from totally diverse applications such as supplying the large drive for new winch cranes being built in Scotland, to the fine pitch gearing requirements used in some sophisticated fishing reels, to the use of our products to drive the movement controls in security and surveillance cameras. New export orders have been achieved in the field of oil exploration and the company has recently completed two consignments of large gears on behalf of a French company – these items being used in the Gabon region of Africa