LMR Gear Tech Invests In a Sodick VL 400Q Wire Eroder Facility

Sodick Wire Eroder

In May 2019, LMR Gear Tech invested in Wire Eroding machinery, to compliment their Gear Cutting offering, in the form of a new Sodick VL 400Q Wire Eroder facility.

This enables the company to offer standard or non-standard internal or external gears, ratchets and splines; further increasing the capacity and array of work that we can produce for you.

The machine can be used conventionally to produce virtually any profile or section within its 400 x 300 x 220 m/m axis, tolerances up to 2 microns are achievable with these machines.

The photos below show some of the team in training at Sodick and putting the knowledge to good use at LMR.

The company would welcome any enquiries for this new facility.